​Since we have opened our doors, we have found many guests have very good questions.

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11:00am until 10:00pm

​Frequently Asked Questions

Steak, Seafood, & Craft Cocktails

What does KJ stand for?

It is the owner's initials - Kerry Joan. KJ's Steakhouse is very close to our heart.  For us, nothing is closer to the heart than family. You will see names throughout the menu and building that are of family members. 

            Are you a fine dining restaurant?

             No, we are a modern, casual Steakhouse. This is Florida! Everyone lives in casual attire, and we wouldn't want it any other way. We tried to make                     our restaurant comfortable and beautiful, so people feel comfortable in shorts and flip-flops or dresses and suits. 

Who did the decorating? 

The whole family had influence in all aspects of the restaurant. 

Is the cow painting one of the owner's cows? 

I love this question. I had no idea when I bought this painting that this question would be asked. No, we do not own any livestock. I loved this painting and I thought it would look great in the restaurant. I feel the colors are the perfect pop of color. Thank you to my neighbor, Steve, for suggesting this painting. It's perfect, Steve!

Why are the private dining rooms called Captain Tom & Rosemary Room? 

The Captain Tom Room is named after Kerry's father, who enjoys every aspect of boating.  The Rosemary Room is named after her mother. They both have always been very supportive and have pride in our accomplishments, so we thought we would honor them by naming our private dining rooms after them. 

What is the decoration over the beer taps? 

They are cow horns. Why? Because we are a steakhouse. I thought they would look nice and start conversations for our bar customers. I think it is working :)

Do you have a Happy Hour, and what time is it?

Yes, we have a Happy Hour. It is Monday thru Friday 3-6:00pm. We have 1/2 price glasses of our House Wine, 1/2 price on selected Draft Beers, and well drinks. 

Are you a corporate chain restaurant or a franchise restaurant? 


Neither- we are independently owned and operated. 

As more questions are asked I will update this area. Thank you so much for your interest and support. We truly appreciate it. -  KJ